Healthy Relationships

You’re in your 20s or 30s, you’re settling into your career, you’re investing in nice things and done buying Ikea furniture (or at least swear you are, but damnit, it’s so cheap and affordable!). And you finally have the time to ask yourself some important questions about your relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Questions like:

“Am in love with this person?”

“Are they in love with me?”

“Can they give me what I need?”

“How do I know if this is ‘it’?”

“Do I trust him/her?”

“Is my relationship a ‘healthy’ one?”

“Does this feel ‘right’?”

And if you’re not asking yourself these questions, especially the last one, it might be time to. Turns out listening to your gut (i.e. intuition) may be best when it comes to making those big and important decisions.

There’s many reasons we question if the relationship we are in is the right one for us. If you’ve been asking yourself these questions lately (or for quite some time), you may be sick of not having answers.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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How Do I Decide if I should Stay in My Relationship?

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Are You In A Toxic Relationship or Are You Just An Introvert?

Coming soon!

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