If you are a creative 20- or 30-something, working in your first professional job, you might be experiencing that “quarter life crisis” feeling where all of a sudden you’re questioning your career, where you want to live, and most importantly – your long-term relationship. All your closest friends are getting married and you’re starting to question if you want to marry your boyfriend or girlfriend, or get married at all? If this sounds like you, you may be like the many hardworking, motivated, give 110% young professionals who cares so much that making any decision feels like it could be the wrong one. You’re used to handling it all – but this is different. 


Have you tried every trick in your book? Have you gone back and forth about what is the right choice for your career, your relationship or where to live? When you notice that no decision feels like the right one, you’re stuck. I see this everyday. So many creative young professionals can identify with this feeling of wanting to know what the next 5-10 years will look like for them, but they’re not sure how to plan that out or where to start when it feels like things are not in your control. That’s where I come in.


You might notice that you’re not feeling like the best version of yourself. You’re starting to avoid situations where you might get asked about your relationship or your future. Is it fear of the unknown? Afraid of regret no matter what you choose? In counseling we’ll start by talking about what is important to YOU and how we can leverage that to reignite your professional success and find more satisfaction in your relationships. 


You are driven and creative and motivated, so you want to be able to plan. Well good news! I have practical tools to share with you that will get you over this lull you’re in. You’re also insightful and you know yourself well. Together we will figure out a timeline that works for you so you can get back to being you as soon as possible!


I’m here to get you back to the best version of you, feeling confident about your career and relationships. You can go to my Contact page to start the conversation or book your initial consultation here!