How I’ve Resisted Grief


Here’s what my grief and anticipatory grief looked like: Crying alone or to my husband Snapping at my husband Fighting reality Grasping for answers, scrambling from one thing to the next Desperately trying to avoid the loss Putting off dealing with it Comparing myself to others Denying it would happen Not fully committing to moving on Feeling like a failure But when you’ve committed

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Two Incredible Tips for Parents of Underachieving Overachievers

underachieving overachievers

Are you a teacher or a parent with a highly capable and intelligent child whose motivation seems to have simply disappeared? Or perhaps they’re still working hard on their homework and studying, but they don’t turn in their homework? It’s an incredibly puzzling experience – why would a child stop being motivated or complete their homework but choose to get a 0 on the

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How to Get Your Needs Met Without Nagging (Shhh: This Is Actually About Self-Worth)


Do you ever find yourself telling your partner how to do things? Like the little things? I know I do! Sometimes I want my partner to grocery shop in a certain way (I mean why wouldn’t you buy groceries specifically for recipes?!) or to spend money in a certain way (he’s heard this one waaaaay too much!). And sometimes I feel a bit controlling.

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When Feeling Preoccupied Could Mean So Much More


Are you constantly preoccupied? Do you ever notice that you’re driving and you miss your exit because you’re thinking about what to do this weekend? Or your partner is telling you about their crappy day, but you don’t hear them because you’re checking out what everyone is up to on Instagram? Or how about playing with your child, but really you’re thinking about the

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11 Basic Ways to Support Someone Who is Transgender or Gender Non-Conforming

Transgender or Gender Non-Conforming

All you’ve been hearing about lately is the bathroom debate, but supporting a loved one who is transgender or gender non-conforming goes well beyond this. E. Asher Eno, MA, MA, NCC, sat down with me to share 11 ways everyone can provide support. I think Asher does the best job addressing these methods in the video, though I’ll sum it up below for you!

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4 Graceful Moves To Stop Beating Yourself Up

Stop Beating Ourselves Up

It’s time to stop beating ourselves up. If this worked, wouldn’t we be perfect by now? Mauricio P. Yabar, LCSW, M.Ed. of Narrative Counseling of Denver, can help you get past those unhelpful stories and judgments you may have about yourself and your life and get you back to doing the things you love. In his work with clients, he helps them “rewrite their story” – moving from limiting descriptions of who you are, to a richer, thicker, more enriching

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When to Move On From Therapy – Or Your Therapist!

I recently received a request to answer the following question: “How can I tell if therapy is working and how will I know if I need to work with someone else?” What an excellent question and one that many have asked themselves over the years. Sometimes therapy is a bit like the tortoise and the hare – change can be slow and subtle over

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The Ultimate Parenting Debate: Settled

The Ultimate Parenting Debate_

A few weekends ago I went away with some friends to the mountains. One evening we got to talking about childhood memories – the good and the bad, our very first ones and some of our scarring ones from junior high (eek!). It became glaringly apparent that our parents were certainly NOT helicopter parents. So many of the stories shared were the exact opposite

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